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Unique meteorological insights from the Arbor Doctor, Ron Rothhaas, as heard on In The Garden with Ron Wilson, in particular how weather affects your landscape investment. Ron Rothhaas is an official US National Weather Service COOP observer, Cheviot OH 3W, and a CoCoRaHS observer, Cheviot OH 3.4W.

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Winter 2017-2018

(This article was posted in December and is being kept up to see how we’re doing. As of early February, the beginning of the last month of meteorological winter, the temperature forecast is close, but with colder temperatures in the northeast. The precipitation forecast has not been as good. Yes, it has been dry in the south but the above normal precipitation in the Ohio valley is not verifying,)

Ready for ? Here is our latest and final DJF 2017-18 forecast. There are some subtle changes from previous months, but still heavily influenced by . Learn more…

Soil Moisture Condition Monitoring Weekly Report

 Station Number: OH-HM-24
Station Name: Cheviot 3.4 W
Report Date: 2/17/2018
Submitted: 2/17/2018 6:47 AM
Scale Bar: Severely Wet
1.85 inches of rain in the past 7 days. Soil is wet. Ground is completely saturated with water. Standing water is severe and abundant. Water bodies are very elevated.
Categories: General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife

What is the Condition Monitoring Report? Click here for more information:


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Current Available Soil Moisture And Drought:


Rainfall (including melted snowfall): Click here>>>


Sample of U.S. Drought Monitor

season_drought.png (1199×926)

Please remember to water…correctly!

See our article on watering here.

Weather Outlookhttp://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/noaa/noaad1.gif?1431037931


Current Live Weather Radar:

Click for latest Base Reflectivity radar image from the Wilmington, OH radar and current weather warnings
Go to the Guam sectorGo to the Alaska sectorGo to the Pacific Northwest sectorGo to the Northern Rockies sectorGo to the Upper Mississippi Valley sectorGo to the Central Great Lakes sectorGo to the Northeast sectorGo to the Puerto Rico sectorGo to the Hawaii sectorGo to the Pacific Southwest sectorGo to the Southern Rockies sectorGo to the Southern Plains sectorGo to the Southern Mississippi Valley sectorGo to the Southeast sector National Radar Mosaic Sectors

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5-day rainfall (including melted snow) forecast:

p120i.gif (750×562)Day 9 image not available


Today’s Convective (Severe Weather) Outlooks:

Updated: Tue Mar 24 16:31:57 UTC 2015
Current Convective Outlooks
Current Day 1 Outlook1630 UTC Day 1 Outlook Forecaster: BUNTING/MEAD/COHEN Issued: 24/1627Z Valid: 24/1630Z – 25/1200Z Forecast Risk of Severe Storms: Enhanced Risk
Current Day 2 Outlook0600 UTC Day 2 Outlook Forecaster: DARROW Issued: 24/0440Z Valid: 25/1200Z – 26/1200Z Forecast Risk of Severe Storms: Enhanced Risk
Current Day 3 Outlook0600 UTC Day 3 Outlook Forecaster: DARROW Issued: 24/0702Z Valid: 26/1200Z – 27/1200Z Forecast Risk of Severe Storms: No Svr Tstms

8-14 Day Weather.  Temperature and Precipitation:


8 to 14 Day Outlook - Temperature Probability Precipitation: 8 to 14 Day Outlook - Precipitation Probability

30 day Outlook:

off14_temp.gif (719×668) off14_prcp.gif (719×668)

Soil temperature map

Ron Wilson shared this link for soil temperatures across the US.  Pretty cool!  http://greencastonline.com/tools/SoilTempMaps.aspx

Month by Month Climate Summaries

Cheviot OH 3W

The Arbor Doctor’s Official National Weather Service Cooperative Observation Site

2018 Weather Summary Cheviot OH 3W

Month Month

Total Rain and melted ppt

2018 Total Rain and melted ppt 30 Yr Avg/

YTD Rain & melted ppt

2018 +/- Rain and melt ppt Mnth Total Snow Ttl Snow July-June 30 Yr Avg Snow/

Avg Snow Season to date July-June

2017-18 Snow Season +/-


Ttl Hours Below Freezing July-June 2018

Growing Degree Days

Jan  2.91  2.91 3.08/3.08  -0.19  6.8  10.9 6.2/9.7  +1.2  873  10
Feb 2.08/5.88 5.6/15.3
Mar 3.82/9.70 3.6/18.9
April 4.03/13.73 0.4/19.3
May 5.28/19.01 0/19.3
June 4.24/23.25 0/19.3
July 4.05/27.30 0/0
Aug 3.26/30.56 0/0
Sept 2.83/33.39 0/0
Oct 3.38/36.77 0.2/0.2
Nov 3.47/40.24 0.7/0.9
Dec 3.48/43.72 2.6/3.5
2017 Rainfall Totals:
Month Monthly Total Annual Total 30 Yr Avg/YTD 2017 Departure
January 3.82 3.82 3.08/3.08 +0.74
February 2.95 6.77 2.08/5.88 +0.89
March 8.43 15.20 3.82/9.70 +5.50
April 7.38 22.58 4.03/13.73 +8.85
May 8.69 31.27 5.28/19.01 +12.26
June  6.85  38.12 4.24/23.25  +14.87
July  4.45  42.57 4.05/27.30  +15.27
August  3.18  45.75 3.26/30.56  +15.19
September  2.57  48.32 2.83/33.39  +14.93
October  5.13  53.45 3.38/36.77  +16.68
November  5.24  58.69 3.47/40.24  +18.45
December  2.60  61.29 3.48/43.72  +17.57


 2017 overall was exceptionally wet at Cheviot OH 3.4 W with an annual departure of +17.57 inches. 2017 rainfall topped 60 inches and reached 61.29 inches at year’s end. The wettest months were March, April, and May when 8.43, 7.38, and 8.69 inches of rain fell respectively. The driest months were February, September, and December when 2.95, 2.57, and 2.60 inches of rain fell respectively. Severe flash flooding occurred pre-dawn on March 1, May 24, June 23, and early on November 6.
2016 Rainfall totals:
Month Monthly Total Annual Total 30 Yr Avg/YTD 2017 Departure
January 1.01 1.01 3.08/3.08 -2.07
February 5.65 6.66 2.08/5.88 +0.78
March 3.19 9.65 3.82/9.70 +0.15
April 4.11 13.96 4.03/13.73 +0.23
May 3.69 17.65 5.28/19.01 -1.36
June 3.01 20.66 4.24/23.25 -2.59
July 4.62 25.28 4.05/27.30 -2.02
August 8.24 33.52 3.26/30.56 +2.96
September 3.33 36.85 2.83/33.39 +3.46
October 2.16 39.01 3.38/36.77 +2.24
November 1.60 40.61 3.47/40.24 +0.37
December 3.96 45.83 3.48/43.72 +2.11

NWS Wilmington Daily Cooperative Observer Reports

Daily CoCoRaHS Reports from Wilmington Forecast Area (Arbor Doctor is lited as Cheviot 3.4W by CoCoRaHS, this mileage descripter is rounded to Cheviot 3W for the Cooperative Observer program).

The Super Outbreak of Tornadoes – April 3-4, 1974

Map by Dr. T. Fujita, University of Chicago

Tornado number 43, the Saylor Park F5, is the only tornado I ever personally witnessed.  I was in third grade.  More information here>>>